There may be Chordoma Foundation (CF) volunteers who are active members in separate support groups, this group is private and not affiliated with the Chordoma Foundation. While this page and the moderators have a .org addresses, we do not request or accept donations and are not a tax exempt organization. 

If you're member of the group and happen to have a few extra bucks, this would be a good way to see people in the group who we can help!  

Most everyone facing cancer treatment can feel significant financial impacts, even devastation during and after treatment. Given chordoma often requires travel, it makes our rare cancer one of the most expensive to treat.

Unfortunately group moderators had to restrict personal fundraising requests within the closed FB group. Past lessons learned: as people posted go-fund-me links in the group, very few group members could even afford to donate, but more and more requests bubbled-up. Members can promote donations for the CF... this is for the good of the many.

Who we can help

How to Help Our Group Members Financially Impacted by Chordoma

That said... We strongly encourage you to ask friends, relatives and even strangers for help, but outside of the group… most of us are already tapped for money anyway. If you're in the closed Chordoma Support/Survivors group and would like a link to your Go-Fund-Me page posted on this page, simply send an email to Chris and Sharon at and we'll post it here. 

  • Brittany and Todd Fuchs: Team Fuchs confronted chordoma head-on helping research, in laboratories,  and much more. Their journey and GoFundMe link here.
  • ​Natasha Bromfield was diagnosed in 2017. She's a single mother who unfortunately is now in a wheelchair, her story is here

While the Chordoma Foundation (separate from this group) may not  currently have funding available to help patients pay for treatment or travel, they do have a list of organizations that may be able offer financial assistance noted at this link